Mobility and Transportation Services - Seniors & People with Disabilities

Seniors and people with disabilities living in Fremont, Newark or Union City have access to a variety of transportation programs, depending on need.  

Tri City Mobility Management
Mobility management provides anyone calling with a question about transportation access to the services and resources they need. Assistance can be provided for a range of transportation needs, from needing wheelchair accessible transportation to assistance retesting for a driver’s license. Please call 510-574-2053 for assistance.
Paratransit bus

Paratransit Programs

Paratransit is door-to-door transportation for people who are unable to use public transportation such as buses or BART due to a health condition or disability, or age. For more information on paratransit programs in the tri-city area click here .

Tri City Taxi Voucher Program

The Tri- City Taxi Voucher program is a same day transportation service that provides a limited number of subsidized
taxi rides to Tri city residents who are enrolled in the Fremont and Union City Paratransit Programs. Unlike existing Paratransit programs that require riders to make advanced reservations for their trips, this program provides same day service. For more information click here.

Travel Training

Travel training provides seniors and people with disabilities with group workshops, small group outings and/or one-on-one trainings to learn how to use local public transportation including AC Transit buses and BART. For more information click here

Volunteer Driver Programs

Life Eldercare’s VIP Rides Program and Drivers for Survivors are both volunteer driver programs that serve tri-city residents. VIP Rides provides door-through-door assistance to seniors and people with disabilities who need extra assistance and Drivers for Survivors provides transportation for people with a cancer diagnosis to cancer related medical appointments. For more information click here
Programs funded by Alameda CTC through Measure B and Measure BB Sales tax.