Unsafe or Unsanitary Homes

Safe Housing

The City is committed to preserving safe housing.
  • Upon request, we inspect dwellings for compliance with the minimum safe standards within the California Health and Safety Code
  • We also have an Apartment Preservation Program designed to help detect signs of problems before they become chronic, which can result in unsafe conditions.
If you have concerns about the condition of your rented house or apartment, the City will provide inspection services upon request. Please call 510-494-4430 to request a housing or apartment inspection.


If you are having a mold problem, View the Indoor Mold Publication prepared by the California Department of Health Services. Mold is frequently a sign of water intrusion. City inspectors will inspect areas where mold is present for possible water intrusion and require the appropriate corrective action. If there is a need to determine specific types of mold it may be required to hire an Industrial Hygienist.


If you have concerns specific to landlord / tenant relations contact Fremont Fair Housing and Landlord/Tenant Services via phone 510-574-2270 or Email