Tree Value

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A City-Wide Street and Public Tree Inventory

Take a look at Fremont’s tree inventory, tree by tree. 

You can find tree information by location and learn specific tree data including:

  • species
  • size
  • estimated value
  • eco-benefits

This inventory is a part of the Urban Forest Management Plan

What is Your Tree Worth?

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What Some Local Street Trees are Worth

Some typical, well-maintained Fremont street trees have been assessed to give property owners an idea of what their trees may be worth and what they would cost to replace.

Gingko, estimated value $16,667
Deodar Cedar, estimated value $46,471
Maple, estimated value $5,490
Arbutus estimated value $17,660
Blue Spruce, estimated value $6,257

*Tree values are based on size, species, condition, and other factors. The samples here are not a guarantee of the appraised value.

Non Street Tree Calculator*

Use this calculator for front yard trees (if it is more than 10 feet from curb or sidewalk), side and back yard trees. Also for trees in commercial, industrial and open space areas.

Estimated Value $

* Values for the tree and planting costs have been included automatically in this calculation. This calculation is not a guarantee of appraised value and should not be used for official reporting. The "Estimated Value" is meant to represent an approximate depreciated dollar cost for the tree based solely on its location, species, trunk size, condition, and current replacement estimates factored by data recorded in the most recent inventory capture date. It may fluctuate depending on multiple factors as evaluated by the City Urban Forester.