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Park Business Operating Permit Requirements & Limitations

Permit Display: The permit shall be displayed while conducting commercial fitness/ recreational activity at the permitted location.  

Timeframe: The duration of permitted temporary outdoor activities will be limited to the timeframe of public health orders of the federal, state, or county government designed to slow the transmission of COVID-19. All activities authorized under this application will be temporary in nature and granted solely to enable businesses to operate in compliance with social distancing. Operator/Agent understands and agrees that permitted temporary outdoor activities confer no vested rights to any ongoing or continued activities. This temporary permit is valid for the period of October 1, 2020 through March 31, 2020 and may be extended if there is a continuing need for social distancing at the expiration of period.

This Permit shall terminate at the end of the permit period for which it is issued, or at any time on written notice from the City of Fremont to the Permittee in the event the Permittee violates any of the provisions hereof. In the event of termination for violation of the Permit, the Permittee shall forfeit any Permit fees, and may be denied issuance of future Permits at the discretion of the City of Fremont. Granting and/ or termination of this Permit by the City of Fremont is a proprietary decision of the City of Fremont in its management of public lands and real property interests.

Intensification of Use: The temporary outdoor activities will not result in an increase in general intensity of the business beyond what is currently business activity. 

Food/Beverage: Food and Alcohol are not permitted to be provided or served through this permit process. Drinking water is allowed.

Business Transactions: The Permittee shall not transact business on property managed or owned by the City of Fremont. Transacting business shall include, but not be limited to, receiving or changing money or compensation by barter, cash, credit card or other financial instrument; entering into any contracts or rental agreements; or soliciting any signatures, waivers, or hold harmless agreements from business customers.

Representation: The Permittee shall make no representation to the public that said Permittee is authorized to transact business on City of Fremont Parks property by virtue of this Permit. This Permit authorizes use on property owned or managed by the City of Fremont for commercial fitness / recreational purposes only and does not convey any rights or privileges to engage in business transactions on said property.

Exclusivity: The Permittee shall have no exclusive rights or privileges to use City of Fremont owned or managed property, including any fields, sport courts, parking spaces, staging areas, trail areas, picnic shelters, campsites, or water areas. 

Nuisance: The temporary outdoor activities will be conducted without causing a nuisance (such as noise or odors) to adjacent properties. 

Amplified Sound: Speakers and amplified music will comply with the P-BOP permit. No excessive noise will be audible off-site at any time in accordance with Fremont Police Department requirements. 

Advertising: The Permittee shall display no signs, banners, or other advertisements for the purpose of soliciting business on property owned or managed by the City of Fremont. Logos and signs painted on or attached to vehicles bodies are permissible, provided that they are permanently affixed to said vehicle and when in place do not prevent legal operation of said vehicle in compliance with applicable laws, rules, regulations and codes. The Permittee shall not distribute any brochures, flyers, or other promotional literature on property owned or managed by the City of Fremont.

Insurance Requirements: The Permittee is required to maintain a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy throughout the permit period and must produce proof of this policy if requested by the City. 

Permanent Changes: No permanent changes to the area will be made, such as bolting items to the ground or other street furnishings. No attaching of equipment to existing fences, benches, other infrastructure, trees, bushes or other existing landscaping. No equipment storage will be available at any of the City of Fremont Park or Plaza locations.

Securing Temporary Structures: Tents, canopies, and/or umbrellas will be secured to the ground to avoid wind lift. 

Clean-Up & Waste Management: Each Permittee shall keep its business area in a Park neat, clean and safe condition at all times. Adequate waste receptacles will be provided by the permittee both within and around the temporary outdoor activities. The Permittee will be responsible for daily pick-up of discarded and wind-blown waste, and debris at the premise and the surrounding areas. 

Park Restrooms: Standard Park restrooms are available at all Community Parks and Central Park.  These restrooms are available to all park users.  Janitorial services occur daily and restrooms are not monitored by City staff.    

Vehicle Access & Pedestrian Movement: All facilities associated with the temporary outdoor activities will not obstruct pedestrian movement on walkways, existing vehicular access will remain open, driver’s sight distance will not be obstructed, fire protection appliances or fire lanes will not be blocked, building entrance will be kept clear, and pedestrian traffic will not be shifted into driveway or fire lane aisles. 

Access: Access to temporary seating or display will be accessible as required by the California Building Code and the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

Fremont Municipal Code (12.20) Parks and Recreation Areas: Please review the complete list of guidelines governing the use of Parks and Recreation Areas, including 12.20.60 Prohibited Conduct Generally, at www.fremont.gov.