Prevent Illegal Dumping


Schedule a Free Bulky Item Pickup

Residents with individual garbage service who put their bins out each week (not multi-family) are eligible for two free bulky item pickups per year. Call (510) 657-3500 or schedule online with Republic Services.

Items Collected Can Include:

  • large appliances
  • microwave ovens
  • furniture
  • televisions
  • stereos
  • computers

Bulky Item Rules

  • Up to eight cubic yards of material.
  • No single item can weigh over 150 lbs each, or be longer than 4 feet.
  • Up to two appliances or large items (not to exceed 150 lbs).
  • Recyclable items like computers and televisions will be salvaged as part of the service.
  • No hazardous material (car batteries, pesticides, paint, etc.) or construction and demolition debris (concrete, dirt, roofing, etc.) will be accepted.

Prevent Illegal Dumping on your Property

  • Keep your property cosmetically clean to not attract more dumping
  • Install cameras and motion-activated lighting
  • Report any illegal dumping in progress to Fremont Police 510-790-6800,  #3

Business & Property Managers

If illegal dumping occurs on your property:

  • Call Republic Services at (510) 657-3500 to order a pickup and get information on lock service for your bin 
  • Items can be self-hauled to the Fremont Recycling and Transfer Station. 

To prevent future dumping:

  • Get lock service for your dumpsters
  • Keep your waste area clean – dirty waste areas attract more dumping
  • Install cameras and motion-activated lighting
  • Post “No Dumping” and “Cameras in Use” signs