Approved Tree Contractor Certification

The Steps, Overview

  1. Register your interest in certification
  2. Once we have received your notification of interest, we will send a link to upload your documents
  3. Submit the required documents and photos. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
  4. If your submission passes, you will receive an invitation to the certification class. 
  5. You will take an exam.
  6. If you pass, you will be offered an opportunity to be an Approved Contractor and will be required to sign an agreement.
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Requirements for Enrollment in Certification Training


  • Copy of City of Fremont Business License
  • Proof of State License & Bond
  • Proof of Insurance
  • ISA Certification number. The applicant must be a current ISA Certified Arborist. Their ISA certification number will be used by the company to sign off on all permit applications
  • Proof of OSHA approved safety training 
  • Evidence of proper flagging and traffic control training
  • Annual training records for all employees

Document Samples

  • A sample maintenance plan for a new tree planting that addresses common concerns
  • A sample TRAQ assessment
  • A sample arborist report 

Before and After Photos

  • Removal of a large street tree, greater than 46” DBH, with replant
  • Safety Pruning of a large street tree, greater than 30” DBH, with no more than 25% of the canopy removed
  • Structural Pruning/Canopy Restoration for a tree that had been previously topped
  • Crown Raise/Clean (Deadwood, safety, broken/popped limbs only)
  • Crown Reduction (End weight/height) using ISA approved methods
  • Root pruning as a part of sidewalk repair or to safely prevent infrastructure damage

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If You Meet the Above Requirements

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Once accepted for enrollment into the Certification Program, the ISA Certified Arborist listed in the application is required to complete the following. One additional employee may attend the certification curriculum if desired.

  • Pass a pre-test. Upon pass and completion, you will be provided the date of the next certification program. 
  • Complete the certification curriculum
  • Pass the final exam
  • Sign an agreement with the City of Fremont to follow the policies, procedures, and ordinances within the City of Fremont and Urban Forestry Program. 

Last Step, Panel Review

Upon successful completion of the requirements above, each applicant’s submission will be reviewed by an internal panel for recommendation to the City Urban Forester to either accept or deny the firm as a City Approved Tree Contractor.

If the applicant that is responsible for signing off on permit applications leaves the company, the company must notify the City of Fremont and will be required to have a new representative certified before permits will be accepted.

Register for More Information

To find out about upcoming training to become an Approved Tree Contractor for the City of Fremont, please fill out the interest form. We will be in touch with the training and course information. 

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Please email us with your questions.