Illegal Dumping

Report Illegal Dumping

Where Report To Contact Information
In Progress Fremont Police 510-790-6800,  #3
Public Spaces, Sidewalks, Streets City of Fremont 510-979-5700 or
Private Property The City can only enforce on the dumper if
there is photo or video evidence that identifies the dumper.
The property owner is responsible for clean up.
510-494-4570 or
Freeways and Off-Ramps CalTrans Report Online
Railroad Areas Union Pacific Railroad 1-888-877-7267
Creeks Alameda County Flood Control Report Online or 510-670-5500
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The Difference Between Litter and Illegal Dumping

Litter is small amounts of trash that pollute our streets and creeks. If you see litter, please pick it up and put it in a trash can before it is swept into a storm drain and washed into a nearby creek.

Illegal dumping occurs when people dump large amounts of garbage such as furniture, appliances, and hazardous waste instead of disposing of it properly. Dumped materials attract additional dumping and criminal activities, lower economic value, and are a health and safety problem. Placing these items on the curb without scheduling a bulky pickup appointment is also illegal dumping.

Dumping of Large Items and Littering is Illegal

Dumping of trash, refuse, litter or other types of solid waste is illegal and a violation of the Fremont Municipal Codes and the California Penal Code. Placing items by the curb with a “Free” sign is illegal dumping. Individuals who are caught illegally dumping can be fined (per violation per day).

Schedule a Free Bulky Goods Pickup

Residents with individual garbage service who put their bins out each week are entitled to two free pickups per year. If you have large items you need to get rid of, schedule a free bulky goods pickups from Republic Services. If you live in an apartment, check with management about how to get rid of bulky items.

Illegal Dumping Fines

1 California Penal Code 374.3(a) PC 2 Fremont Municipal Code 1.20.080 3 California Penal Code 374.3 PC
Violation Fines Fines
Frequency Commercial Quantities (misdemeanor1) Other Quantities (administrative2 or infraction3)
1st $1,000 to $3,000 $100 to $1,000 
2nd $3,000 to $6,000  $200 to $1,500 
3rd $6,000 to $10,000  $500 to $3,000 

For a citation to be issued, there must be photo or video evidence of the items being dumped and evidence that helps identify the person (i.e. legible license plate)

Public Garbage Cans

The City has installed over 100 public trash cans in high pedestrian areas and near the bus stop shelters to help reduce littering and to help keep Fremont clean. 

  • The cans on the streets are serviced by Republic Services. 
  • Trash cans on bus stop shelters are maintained by Clear Channel Outdoor. 

Report Garbage Cans

Where Report To Contact Information
On Bus Stop Shelters Clear Channel Outdoor 1-888-237-4351
Damaged or Vandalized or Full City of Fremont 510-494-4570