California Nursery, Master Plan Implementation

The construction project at the CA Nursery is guided by the Master Plan Document that was developed with input from the Fremont community.

Project Status Presentation

Presentation Title Page, Master Plan Implementation Updates, 9-21In September 2021, City landscape architects presented to the Washington Township Historical Society the status of the current construction project. See the presentation

Backbone Infrastructure, Current Project

This first phase project of the California Historical Park Master Plan is essential to set the framework for the future development of the Park. Work includes:

  • Building all major underground utilities, walkways, and roadways
  • Irrigation infrastructure for the entire site, with certain critical tree/areas receiving full irrigation system installations
  • Security lighting installation

Details of Phase 1

Phase one project includes the construction of the main utility infrastructure (backbone) and site work throughout the existing 20-acre historical park site. Utilities include:

  • Electrical (power, data, lighting)
  • Sanitary sewer laterals and connections (includes a connection to USD facilities)
  • Firewater facilities (includes a connection to ACWD facilities)
  • Coordination of PG&E electrical undergrounding and upgrade
  • A potable and domestic water system
  • A storm drainage system

Utility infrastructure will be connected to existing buildings or terminated for connection to future buildings and facilities. The scope also includes:

  • Landscape improvements: over 70 new trees, a native meadow planting, and supporting irrigation
  • Walkways, plazas, driveways, and parking
  • Incorporation of permeable paving materials and stormwater treatment planters
  • Materials to be used include concrete, pervious concrete, unit pavers, decomposed granite, and asphalt
  • Fencing and gates, trellis and pergola structures, seat walls, drinking fountains, benches, picnic tables, trash and garbage cans, signage, plantings, and irrigation
  • Relocation of the Leaf Community Garden and secondary driveway entry at the South end of the park
  • Other scope items include tree removal and SWPPP implementation


Drone Footage, March 2021


Anticipated construction for this project is scheduled to begin in November 2020 and to be completed in October 2021.

Bid Documents

Bid Set Documents

Project Manager

Rico Lardizabal, Email or phone: 540-494-4743

“Adobe” Restroom Renovation, Current Project

This project construction scope includes new plumbing and light fixtures and partition to accommodate ADA compliance, plumbing, and electrical work, electric locksets, eaves to be cut back to ensure overhead clearance per code, and new finishes. This project will result in a restroom at California Nursery Historical Park that will be open to the public during park hours.


Anticipated construction for this project is scheduled to begin in November 2021 and be completed in February 2022.

Bid Documents

Retail Building Demolition, Complete Oct. 2019

The project included the demolition of the existing historic Retail Building (also referred to as the Garden Store). 

The project’s Environmental Impact Review (EIR), required a Level II HABS documentation that includes a Historical Report and measured drawings prior to demolition. DRAFT HABS documentation prepared by the City’s Historic Architect:

President's House Repairs, Complete Jan. 2019

The project included roof and support structure, electrical, plumbing, paint, and windows. 

California Nursery Historic Park, President’s house with new roof in placeCalifornia Nursery Historic Park, President’s house shows new windows and paint job

Master Plan Adopted, Dec. 2017

On December 12, 2017, City Council adopted the California Historical Park Master Plan.