Urban Forestry Management Plan

Urban Forestry Grant

In May 2019, CalFire awarded Fremont $860,000. The money came from Proposition 68 and was granted to fund Urban & Community Forestry. This grant will allow us to complete an Urban Forestry Management Plan.

What is an Urban Foresty Management Plan?

An Urban Forestry Management Plan is a roadmap that creates a shared vision for the future of a tree canopy. The first step is to assess all the trees in the streets and parks. The collected data provides information to build a 40-year horizon plan that guides the City to proactively and effectively manage the urban forest, and provide for maximum, long-term benefits to the community.

Colored dots represent trees

Tree Plotter screenshot showing tree information

Tree Inventory

On November 1, 2020, the City-wide tree inventory and assessment was completed by a consultant. Over 75,000 public trees were surveyed and plotted to a web-based tool called Tree Plotter.

Look Up Trees

Through this tool, you can find tree information by location and learn specific tree data including:

  • species
  • size
  • estimated value
  • eco-benefits