Document Checklist

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  • Copy of City of Fremont Business License
  • Proof of State License & Bond
  • Proof of Insurance
  • ISA Certification number. The applicant must be a current ISA Certified Arborist. Their ISA certification number will be used by the company to sign off on all permit applications
  • Proof of OSHA approved safety training 
  • Evidence of proper flagging and traffic control training
  • Annual training records for all employees

Document Samples

  • A sample maintenance plan for a new tree planting that addresses common concerns
  • A sample TRAQ assessment
  • A sample arborist report 

Before and After Photos

  • Removal of a large street tree, greater than 46” DBH, with replant
  • Safety Pruning of a large street tree, greater than 30” DBH, with no more than 25% of the canopy removed
  • Structural Pruning/Canopy Restoration for a tree that had been previously topped
  • Crown Raise/Clean (Deadwood, safety, broken/popped limbs only)
  • Crown Reduction (End weight/height) using ISA approved methods
  • Root pruning as a part of sidewalk repair or to safely prevent infrastructure damage.