Pedestrian Crossing Enhancement Projects

Project Overview

In 2015, the City Council adopted the Vision Zero traffic safety policy that instituted a goal to eliminate traffic fatalities and reduce severe injury collisions on Fremont’s roadways. A Vision Zero Action Plan was approved in March 2016 and outlines a series of near-term actions and traffic safety countermeasures designed to address specific issues identified from a rigorous review of Fremont’s crash data. One of the measures was a commitment to enhancing uncontrolled pedestrian crossings on high-speed multi-lane roadways. Site characteristics and pedestrian crossing volume determined the type of pedestrian enhancement to be installed. Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB) enhance pedestrian crosswalks with push-button activated flashing yellow lights. In locations where a more robust pedestrian crossing enhancement is warranted, Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons (PHB) also known as HAWK Signals enhance pedestrian crosswalks with push-button activated solid and flashing red lights. Instructions on how pedestrians and drivers must treat these types of crossing enhancements can be found in the Fremont Vision Zero 2020 brochure.

More information published by the Federal Highway Administration on the effects of yellow Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons on yielding at uncontrolled crosswalks can be found here.

Paseo Padre & Baylis RRFB

(Paseo Padre Parkway & Baylis Street)

Mowry & Waterside RRFB

(Mowry Avenue & Waterside Circle)

Project Funding

The Pedestrian Crossing Enhancement Projects are funded through a combination of the Transportation Development Act (TDA), Measure B & BB, and SB1.

Project Timeline

Phase I – Completed Spring 2019

  • Mowry Avenue & Waterside Circle – PHB
  • Warren Avenue & Bradley Street – RRFB

Phase II – Completed Fall 2019

  • Fremont Boulevard & Norris Road – PHB
  • Fremont Boulevard & Margery Drive – RRFB
  • Paseo Padre Parkway & Baylis Street – RRFB
  • Paseo Padre Parkway & Surry Place – RRFB
  • Driscoll Road & Joyce Avenue – RRFB
  • Driscoll Road & Trail Crossing near Amapola Drive – RRFB

Phase III – Construction started Fall 2020; to be completed Spring 2021

  • Central Avenue & Joseph Street – RRFB
  • Washington Boulevard & Jerome Street – RRFB