Decoto Road Complete Streets Project

Project Overview

The Decoto Road Complete Streets Project will improve Decoto Road from just east of I-880 to Paseo Padre Parkway.  The project will implement transit priority treatments to provide travel alternatives and ease congestion in the Dumbarton Corridor and will provide complete street upgrades to improve safety and access for bicyclists and pedestrians.   Improvements to the Decoto Road Corridor and the I-880/Decoto Road interchange were among the top priorities identified in Fremont’s Mobility Action Plan, a community-developed 5-year plan for local action and regional advocacy launched by Fremont’s Mayor and City Council in response to community concerns about traffic throughout Fremont.

Decoto Road Cooridor Project

Project Need

Decoto Road serves as an important link in the Dumbarton Corridor between housing centers and regional transit stations on the East Bay and job centers in the Peninsula/South Bay.  Numerous transit services, including regional express buses, local buses, and employer shuttles run along Decoto Road, but they are subject to delays from traffic congestion which make transit a less competitive option.  Infrastructure for bicyclists and pedestrians is characterized by sidewalk gaps, infrequent crossing opportunities, and discontinuous bike lanes where cyclists must ride next to high-speed traffic.     

Project GoalsDecoto Road View

The Decoto Road Complete Streets project seeks to achieve the following goals:

  • Improve transit reliability/priority,
  • Implement complete streets principles and increase bicycle and pedestrian safety,
  • Support transit-oriented development, and
  • Congestion relief through improved transportation alternatives

Project Status

The project is environmentally cleared and is currently in the final design.  The final design is funded by a grant from Alameda CTC and is scheduled to be complete in Fall 2021.

The City is pursuing construction funding in the amount of $21 million. Subject to funding availability, project construction is proposed to start in Summer 2022 and be complete by end of 2023.

Contact Information

Connie Wong, Principal Civil Engineer   ∙    (510) 494-4782   ∙

Partners and Stakeholder 

The City of Fremont is the Implementing Agency and is coordinating with a range of partner agencies:

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