Future Park Planning Projects in the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

Every two years the City adopts and updates the 5-year CIP plan. See new projects that are being considered by the Recreation Commission for the fiscal year 2021/22 through fiscal year 2025/2026 

The following are programmed projects in the current 5 -year CIP Plan:

California Nursery Historic Park Development

Funding for this project will for the implementation of the California Nursery Historic Park Master Plan. There are four planned phases; Phase 1 will be under construction in January 2021 and will entail the construction of the backbone infrastructure such as underground utilities and hardscape. More information about phases 2, 3, and 4 is found in the Master Plan Report.

Pacific Commons Sports Park

The 40-acre Pacific Commons Sports Park is located at the end of Auto Mall Parkway towards the Baylands.

Palm Avenue Community Park

This community park is located on Palm Avenue in the Mission San Jose planning area. Programming and amenities for this park will serve the surrounding community.