Bingo Games Permit

Who Needs a Permit?

Any non-profit, charitable organization, senior citizen organization, or mobile home park association that will be conducting bingo games for charity.


Bingo means a game of chance in which prizes are awarded based on designated numbers or symbols on a card that conforms to numbers or symbols selected at random.

Permit Application & Submission

Please fill out the application and review the other requirements below. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

All applications must be submitted in person at the Revenue Division in the Development Services Center. 

Permit Fee

New and renewal permit application fee: $50.00

Permit Validity/Renewal

  • Bingo Permits are valid for one year from the month of issuance, are non-transferable, and must be renewed annually.
  • Permit renewal applications must be submitted 60 days prior to the expiration date and are subject to the same evaluation criteria as the original application.

Other Requirements 

  • The organization must also obtain and renew an annual City of Fremont business tax certificate.
  • All new Bingo Game locations are required to have approval from the City's Planning and Zoning Department. You can check zoning requirements when you drop off your application.

Proof of status as a nonprofit, charitable organization requires submission of the following in support of this application:

  • A certificate from the Franchise Tax Board showing that the applicant organization is exempted from payment of the Bank and Corporation Tax by Section 23701(a), 23701(b), 23701(d), 23701(e), 23701(f), 23701(g), 23701(k), 23701(w), or
  • 23701(l) of the California Revenue and Taxation Code or proof the organization is a mobile home park association, senior citizen organization, or charitable organization affiliated with a school district.
  • A certificate from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service showing that a contribution or gift to the applicant organization would be a charitable contribution under Section 170(c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Exclusive Use of Permit

A permit shall not be transferable from one organization to another, nor from one location to another, nor shall a permittee organization hold bingo games jointly with and for the announced benefit of a nonpermitted organization.

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