Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

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Accessory dwelling units (ADUs), also known as “secondary dwelling units” or “in-law apartments,” are attached or detached units that are subordinate to a primary dwelling on the same lot. ADUs include separate, independent, and permanent facilities for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation. ADUs are allowed on both single-family and multi-family properties, subject to City regulations.

The City also allows Junior ADUs (JADUs), which are smaller units converted out of existing space in a home that have an efficiency kitchen but may share bathroom facilities with the main home.

Adding an ADU or JADU is a substantial construction project, but new state laws have recently made it easier. If you are a homeowner who is considering adding an ADU to your property, it is important that you speak with City staff early in the process to understand the regulations and constraints.

Take a look at the process to add an ADU to a property in Fremont:

Path to a Completed ADU

Path to a Completed ADU

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ADU Customer Experience Survey

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Have suggestions for how the City can make it easier for residents to add an ADU? Complete the City's ADU Customer Experience Survey to provide feedback.