Clean Water Education Programs

Available to Fremont Residents and Schools

Students search for monarch butterfly eggs at the Nature Learning Center

2nd Grade, Nature Learning Center Field Trips

Garden Wonders, Critters and More!

Free 2-hour field trip for classrooms to explore the Nature Learning Center and native garden. Students will tour the garden, learn about our watershed, observe plants and insects, and learn about their life cycles. 

February to June

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Classroom beside Stivers Lagoon making observations

3rd Grade, Stivers Lagoon Field Trips

Free 2-hour field trip for classes to explore Stivers Lagoon, a unique urban marsh located in Central Park. Students will walk along Muskrat Trail, survey aquatic life, and learn about watersheds.

February to June

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Watershed Wizard Camp, students take water samples

3rd & 4th Grade, Watershed Wizard Camp
One Day During Spring Break

Free one-day camp where students learn about wetlands, watersheds and local wildlife. This program happens at Stivers Lagoon, a unique urban marsh.

Student transplanting in the garden with ranger

2nd & 3rd Grade, Garden Wonders Camp
Veteran's Day Holiday

There are lots of hand's on activities in this program at the Nature Learning Center. An engaging, free program where explorers learn about pollinators, garden creatures, and more. 

November 11, 2019 9:00 am - 2:00 pm