Community Development

The role of the Community Development Department is to move the community toward the sustainable, strategically urban community envisioned in the City's General Plan. Department activities include providing professional assistance to developers, contractors, businesses, and homeowners; preserving open space; building high-quality strategically urban residential and commercial development; and maintaining and increasing the range of housing alternatives.

The department includes the divisions of Building and Safety, Housing, Planning, and Sustainability.

Building and Safety

Development Services Center

  • One-stop shop for accepting, reviewing, and approving permit applications and construction documents
  • Staff available to answer questions regarding zoning, planning, engineering, and inspections




  • Current environmental sustainability efforts and Climate Action Plan progress
Accela Citizen Access

Introducing Citizen Access, the City of Fremont’s new online tool for looking up permitting information on a specific property, checking on the status of a permit, requesting a building inspection, and submitting a complaint to the City's Code Enforcement division. Citizen Access is quick, convenient, and easy to use. Visit to get started.

Civic Insight
Introducing Civic Insight, the City's new interactive map that plots major development (vertical construction) permit activity citywide over the past 10 years. Visit to get started.

For minor permit activity (e.g., solar, home occupation, encroachment permits), use Citizen Access.

The Development Digest Newsletter

A monthly guide delivering the latest news from the City's Community Development Department
Development Digest
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Community Development Resources Handout

To promote City services and help our residents find what they need, Community Development and Public Works have created this nifty handout that includes phone numbers and links to several resources. A lot of helpful information all in one place! This a great resource to have hanging on your fridge or saved on your phone.
CDD PW Handout