Local Business Preference for City Purchases

Local Preference
In accordance with the municipal code, the City supports companies located in Fremont by offering a local business preference of 2.5% (with a maximum of $5,000 for bids over $25,000). The city shall deduct 2.5% from the total bid amount of any local-owned business (as defined in Section 3.20.20), the local preference shall not exceed $5,000 for any single purchase order or contract.

How Local Preference Works
For the purpose of comparing bids between local and non-local businesses, the bid amount is calculated at 2.5% below the amount submitted for local businesses. This excludes public works projects or otherwise precluded by state or federal law.

Local business preference encourages and supports local vendors, something good for both the community and the economy overall.

For more information, contact the City's Purchasing Division at (510) 494-4620.