Bid Submission

All portions of the Bid Forms and any documents required by the Supplemental Instructions to Bidders, must be properly completed, signed, and submitted with the bid. Failure to do so may result in the bid being deemed non-responsive by the City.

Bids may be mailed, submitted electronically, delivered in person or by messenger based on the instructions in the Invitation to Bidders and bidding documents. It is the bidder's responsibility alone to ensure that the bid is received at the place specified in the Invitation for Bids prior to the bid deadline. Any bids received after the exact time of the bid deadline will not be considered.

Bids that have been submitted in accordance with the requirements of the bid documents and have been received on or before the bid deadline will be opened by Purchasing and the initiating department representative.  

Please note: oral, telephonic, facsimile, or telegraphic bids are invalid and will not be accepted.

Electronically transmitted bids will only be accepted if specified in the bidding documents.