Traffic Signals

There are currently 222 traffic signals in the City of Fremont, comprised of 175 City and 47 State (Caltrans) signals. The 175 City traffic signals are owned, operated, and maintained by the City.

The 47 Caltrans signals are owned, operated, and maintained by the State because they are within the State’s property or rights of way which includes:
  • All freeway on / off ramps,
  • Along Mission Blvd. (SR 238/262), and
  • Along portions of Thornton Ave., Peralta Blvd., and Mowry Ave. (SR 84).
New Traffic Signals
City staff recommends new traffic signal installations, if warranted, every two years to the City Council. The Transportation Engineering Division maintains a priority list of all locations meeting the minimum criteria for a traffic signal. The ranking of each location is determined by results of the most recent signal study. Please see New Traffic Signals for more information on the compilation of the list and how to request that a new location be added to it.

Signal Timing and Coordination
The City’s traffic signals are all actuated primarily by the use of detectors buried in the pavement with a small number using video cameras mounted overhead. Most traffic signals along major travel corridors operate under coordination to progress traffic through multiple signals with the goal of minimizing stops and delays. Traffic signals operate in coordination primarily during morning and evening peak commute hours with some also operating in coordination during the mid-day. Please see Timing and Coordination for more details.

Traffic Management Center
Currently, 153 of the City’s traffic signals are connected to a central computer system located at the City’s Traffic Management Center. This allows for real time monitoring and control of those signals from a centralized location. Twenty four  intersections also have live CCTV video monitoring of intersection traffic and signal operations.

Red Light Camera Photo Enforcement Program
The red light camera program is managed by the Fremont Police Department. Please see the Police Department's red light camera page for more information, or call (510) 790-6622.

Questions or Concerns

If you have a question or concern regarding a particular traffic signal, please check the Traffic Signals List first to see if it is owned by the City or Caltrans. You may contact either agency by phone or electronically.

Agency Contact Information
City of Fremont
Transportation Engineering Division
Ph: (510) 494-4745
Online Form
California Department of Transportation
Online Service Request Form
Ph: (415) 330-6500
Fremont Police Department - After hours (urgent calls only, please) Ph: (510) 790-6800
Emergency: 9-1-1