Business Tax Exemptions

The City of Fremont requires that all businesses that operate in the City register and pay a registration and business tax. Exemptions from this requirement are granted to those who are or engage in the following:
  • Agricultural business, except for retail activities
  • Not for profit or non-profit corporations and associations
  • Part-time occupations of youths and seniors
  • Veterans qualified under California Business and Professions Code Section 16001
  • Public utilities
  • Highway carriers regulated by the California Public Utilities Code
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Insurance companies
Anyone opening a business who believes that they qualify for a business tax exemption may file a Formal Request for Exemption. They must provide supporting documentation of non-profit status, such as notification from the Internal Revenue Service and State of California. Anyone wishing to be exempt under the youth and senior part-time occupations exception must provide proof of age and income.

All exemption requests should be accompanied by appropriate documentation to support the exemption.

Further information on the City of Fremont Business Tax can be found in the Fremont Municipal Code.