Home-Based Business

Residential Businesses
Businesses based at a residential location, such as a home, apartment, or condominium, are required to register and pay a business tax. Any Fremont business that does not have a commercial storefront, office, commercial, or industrial location is considered to be a home-based business, even if the sales or services are performed outside the residence.

Post office boxes, whether U.S. or private, can only be used as mailing addresses and cannot be registered as commercial locations. Also, rented storage facilities may not be used as your business location.

Home Occupation Permit
Approval of a home occupation permit is required for occupants of a residence who wish to conduct business within one room of the residence in a residential zoning district. The purpose of a home occupation permit is to ensure that those uses permitted under the permit do not cause an adverse effect on adjacent properties. Regulations are imposed on the permit to preserve the character and quality of the residential neighborhood in which the use is conducted.

Licensing Approval
If you wish to operate a business using your home as your business location, you must obtain the proper approvals prior to operating the business by doing the following:
Registration and Fees Most home businesses, whether sales or service related, pay an $150 fee to register, plus a $1 State Mandated ADA fee. The $150 fee consists of a $30 one-year business tax registration fee and a $120 five-year home occupation permit fee. If you do not own the residence where the business will be located or based, the signature of the property owner, landlord, or property manager is required on the home occupation permit application.

If you have questions regarding the types of businesses allowed to operate in residential, commercial, or industrial locations, please contact the Planning Division at (510) 494-4455. Generally, these permits are approved over-the-counter by Planning staff at the Development Services Center.

This permit information can change at any time. Please contact the Development Services Center for the most current information.