Out of Town Business

Out of Town Business Tax
If you are a business located outside of Fremont and you will be physically coming into Fremont to conduct business, you are required by the City to complete a Business Tax Application. Applications are available at the Development Services Center.

Most out of town businesses performing services or selling within Fremont pay $30 for a one-year business tax.

Contractor Regulations
If you are a construction contractor from outside of Fremont, registration for business tax is available either on a quarterly or annual basis. The fee for one quarter is $40 and $1 State Mandated fee, plus ten cents for each $1,000 of gross receipts on the Fremont job. The fee for one year is $125 and $1 State Mandated fee, plus ten cents for each $1,000 gross receipts.

Business Tax applications can be faxed to you if you contact the Revenue Division at 510-494-4790, ext 2. If you come to the office in person, it’s possible to obtain the necessary permits and pay for them at the same time. For information on building permits, contact Building & Safety at 510-494-4460.