Out of Town Business

Out of Town Business Tax

If you are a business located outside of Fremont and you will be conducting business in Fremont, you are required by the City to complete a Business Tax Application

Contractor Regulations

If you are a construction contractor located outside of Fremont, business tax registration may be paid on either a per-quarter or annual basis. City of Fremont business tax is $40 per quarter, with an additional $4 State Mandated ADA fee, plus ten cents for each $1,000 of gross receipts on all Fremont construction activity. The annual business tax option is a discounted rate of $125 per year, with an additional $4 state mandated ADA fee, plus ten cents for each $1,000 of gross receipts.
Business Tax applications are available online.  For more information about the City of Fremont business tax, please contact the City of Fremont Revenue Division at businesstax@fremont.gov or (510) 494-4790.  For more information on building permits, please contact Building & Safety at (510) 494-4460.