Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing

Permit Information

An electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permit is required for most work.
  • An electrical permit is required for any change to a wiring system.
  • A mechanical permit is required to replace a furnace or add an air conditioning system, but not to make repairs to existing equipment.
  • A plumbing permit is required for any new plumbing work or for replacing a water heater.
These permits are sometimes referred to as trade permits. The work covered by these permits may be associated with a building permit for a project, or may stand alone for specific projects.

Why do I need these Permits?

California Code and the City of Fremont regulates construction to ensure that it is safe and code compliant. City staff provide inspections for permitted work to verify compliance with the appropriate code.

In addition, permits and inspectors help to safeguard persons and property from hazards that may arise from improper installation. Examples of the benefits of pulling a permit include:

Electrical Permit

  • Electricity is dangerous and needs to be installed per the national electrical code; our inspectors will ensure this.
  • Inspections help prevent shock hazards that can lead to injuries and death
  • Inspections help prevent electrical fires that can destroy your home or business due to faulty wiring.
  • Inspections help avoid electrical short circuiting in appliances at your home or business which could cause damage to the appliance
  • Visit the 2016 Title 24 Residential Lighting Guide for more information.

Mechanical Permit

  • Improper venting of an appliance may cause exhaust gases from a fuel burning appliance to enter occupied areas. Your inspector can help prevent this.

Plumbing Permit

  • Inspections ensure that drainage fittings, water piping, gas piping, and water heaters are all installed properly.
  • For a water heater, earthquake straps are inspected because they prevent structural damage and the gas pipe from rupturing during an earthquake.

Where can I get these permits?

You can obtain these permits online through Citizen Access, the City's online permitting portal. For more information, please visit the City's Online Permits webpage.