Fence Permit

Why do I need this permit?

Typically, fences shorter than seven (7) feet do not require building permits; however, all fences must comply with the placement, height, and appearance requirements of the Fremont Municipal Code and the Fence and Wall Guidelines for Major Arterials. Fences greater than seven (7) feet in height, masonry, or concrete walls of any height require a building permit consistent with the requirements of the California Building Code.

Permitting and inspection of fences will ensure the installation complies with these requirements. View the Residential Fence Requirement Handout for more information.

How do I get this permit?

The owner or contractor may apply for a fence permit by submitting a Permit Application Form, a site plan of the parcel showing the fence placement, an elevation drawing, and a construction plan for the fence identifying materials and dimensions. Structural documentation may be required for some fences.

How much does it cost?

Permit fees for fences are based on the value of the work. As an example, the permit fee for a fence costing $5,000 and not requiring a plan review fee would be approximately $170. Please see the Building Permit Fee Schedule for a complete list of fees.

What do I do once I get this permit?

Work may begin once the permit is issued. Fence installation requires at least two inspections including the excavation and footing inspection and the final inspection. Your inspector will advise you of inspection requirements at the first inspection.

Precast walls

Many of Fremont's residential neighborhoods were built with precast walls or fences physically separating them from the abutting arterial roadways. These walls were installed by developers as private property improvements. Homeowners own the sections of the walls on their parcels and are responsible for maintaining these walls. For more information on how to replace these walls and fences please refer to the Fence and Wall Guidelines for Major Arterials.


This permit information can change at any time. Please contact the Development Services Center at 510-494-4443 for the most current information.