Grading Permit

Why do I need this permit? A grading permit covers all earth moving activities that trigger the requirement for a permit under Fremont Municipal Code Section 18.205.030. The purpose of the Grading Ordinance is to ensure maximum preservation of the City’s natural scenic character by complying with minimum standards and requirements related to land grading, excavations, and fill while protecting the general public and community environment. Some common activities that may require a grading permit include the following:

  • Grading of commercial / industrial properties prior to obtaining a building permit
  • Grading of Single-Family Residential properties
  • Early Grading Permits for Subdivisions
  • Geotechnical Site Investigation (Fault Trenching Excavation of test pits, large diameter boring)
  • Remedial Grading
  • Blockage / Alteration of a watercourse or drainage way
  • Slope / Landslide Repair 
If you have questions or if you need more information, please contact the Engineering Division at 510-494-470

How to Obtain a Grading Permit


New engineering permits can be requested online at more information, please visit the City's Online Permits webpage. 

Grading Permit Submittal Checklist and Resources

Other City Permits 

For information about other City of Fremont permits that are not processed and issued by Engineering, please visit the City’s Online Permits webpage for more information..

Permit Fees

 For fee information, see the Fee Schedules

Coordinating with Other Agencies 

To assist you in obtaining your permits, coordination with outside agencies may be necessary. Visit our Agency Coordination List for the contact information of these different agencies.

What do I do once I get this permit?

  • If your work involves digging, call USA Underground Alert at (800) 227-2600, two working days prior to the start to the start of work
  • Notify the inspector of your project at least one working day prior to commencement and upon completion of work
  • The inspector's name and telephone number is located at the bottom of the permit
  • Issuance of a Grading Permit does not relieve the permittee of the responsibility to obtain permits that may be required by other agencies.

Questions If you have any questions about the Grading Permit application process, please call the Engineering Information Line at 510-494-4700 or contact Engineering staff by Email.