Insurance Requirements

Contractor Insurance Information
The following requirements apply to contractors working for the City of Fremont and deal with contracts, agreements, or the issuing of permits.

General Liability
The policy limit is $1,000,000. The policy must name the City as additional insured and provide for a 30-day cancellation. A separate Additional Insured Endorsement is required. If the contractor does not have automobile insurance, the general liability policy may include coverage for non-owned and hired autos.

Automobile Liability
The policy limit $1,000,000. The policy must provide for a 30-day notice of cancellation.

Workers' Compensation
Policy must meet the State mandated limits. If a contractor has no employees and is exempt from this requirement, he or she must submit a statement declaring sole proprietorship and is therefore not required to carry Workers' Compensation.

When identified by City staff, the above requirements must be submitted by mail or fax to:
Risk Management Division
3300 Capitol Ave.
Fremont, CA 94538
Fx: 510-284-4051

Upon approval of certification, a permit can be issued. Request for exceptions to the above requirements may be submitted to the Risk Manager with an explanation.