Subdivision Permit


“Subdivision” means the division of improved or unimproved land for the purpose of sale, lease, or financing. Subdivisions also include the creation of condominiums, whether residential, industrial, or commercial. In Fremont, subdivisions are either Tract Maps or Parcel Maps. 

Why do I need this permit?

Subdivisions are governed by
Fremont Municipal Code Title 17 and the Subdivision Map ActTract Maps, Parcel Maps, and Improvement Plans are reviewed to ensure the subdivision complies with the tentative map conditions of approval, the Fremont Municipal Code, the Subdivision Map Act, Fremont development policies, Fremont standard details and specifications.
  • Tract Maps (also known as Final Maps) are required for all subdivisions creating five (5) or more parcels or condominiums.  A tentative tract map must be approved before a tract map can be submitted to the Engineering Division.
  • Parcel Maps are required for all subdivisions creating four (4) or fewer parcels or condominiums. A tentative parcel map must be approved before a parcel map can be submitted to the Engineering Division. Note:  Industrial or commercial parcel maps can sometimes create more than four parcels.
  • For more information about applying for a Planning Project to obtain a Tentative Tract Map or Tentative Parcel Map approval, please visit the Planning Permits webpage.

How to Obtain a Subdivision Permit

New engineering permits can be requested online at
For more information, please visit the City's 
Online Permits webpage.

Subdivision Permit Submittal Checklists

Standards and Design Criteria


Other City Permits

For information about other City of Fremont permits that are not processed and issued by Engineering, please visit the City’s
Online Permits webpage for more information..

Permit Fees

For fee information, see the 
Fee Schedules.

Coordinating with Other Agencies

To assist you in obtaining your permits, coordination with outside agencies may be necessary. Visit our 
Agency Coordination List for the contact information of these different agencies.

What do I do once I get this permit?

  • If your work involves digging, call USA Underground Alert at (800) 227-2600, two working days prior to the start to the start of work
  • Notify the inspector of your project at least one working day prior to commencement and upon completion of work


If you have any questions about the Subdivision Permit application process, please call the Engineering Information Line at 510-494-4700 or contact Engineering staff by