Oversized-Load Transportation

Why do I need this Permit?

Transportation Permits are needed to ensure oversized loads are routed properly through the City. Proper routing avoids accidents due to low underpasses and other clearance issues. Oversized loads can also require pilot cars to ensure the public is aware of their presence.

Transporters must also choose their route using City approved truck routes when possible. The truck route map is attached to the Transportation Permit to assist in preparing your route. You must stay on approved truck routes as much as possible to your nearest point of entry to your destination, but you must make sure the route is appropriate based on the dimensions of your load. The transporter is responsible for verifying all clearances prior to making the actual trip.

Transportation Permits are issued for extra sized legal loads. The dimensions for legal loads that don't require a permit are 14' high or less, 8'6" wide or less and 40' long or less. Anything over these dimensions requires a Transportation Permit.

What do I do once I get this Permit?

Once you get your permit, you can begin the transport of your load.