Special Event Permit

Important Information Regarding the Impact of COVID-19 on Special Events

The City of Fremont will permit events as allowed under State and County guidelines, provided that the events go through the City's special events permitting process and the events follow any and all applicable guidelines.  

The City will permit events as allowed under the State and County’s guidelines at the time of permit issuances, typically two weeks prior to a scheduled event. For more details, please visit the State's COVID-19 website and the County's webpage.


City of Fremont's special events are governed by the Special Events and Parades Ordinance (FMC Chapter 12.25)

Do I need a Special Event Permit?

A Special Event Permit is needed when:

  1. An organized activity take place on private property AND requires a 1) temporary ABC license; 2) tent/canopy/stage/temporary structure permit; 3) uses vendors in or at the event; or 4) falls outside the generally intended use of the property (e.g. blocking the sidewalk, walking in the street, use of a parking lot, food truck event at a school, etc.)
  2. An organized activity takes place on OR has impact on City of Fremont property, public facilities, sidewalks, medians, or street areas. Certain public properties within the City limits belong to other jurisdictions such as the Alameda County, Fremont Unified School District, and East Bay Regional Park District.  In such cases you would need an additional permit from the appropriate jurisdiction. 
  3. An organized activity that takes place in a City Park, City Plaza, or Community Center.
  4. Certain organized peaceful gatherings, protests, and political activities on City property may be exempted from the special event permitting process if the activity involves no set up, no sound amplification, and no equipment. Generally, most peaceful protests fall into the exempt category and do not require a permit or approval from the City. For such activities not requiring a special event permit, we ask a minimum 72 hours advance notice to be given to the City and the Fremont Police Department. Please contact Fremont Police Watch Commander's Office at (510) 790-6880 for additional information. To be exempt from the special event permitting process, all of the following criteria must be met: 
    • activity takes places on public property owned by City of Fremont. Please note certain properties in the City are owned by the Fremont Unified School District, State of California, East Bay Regional Park District or other jurisdictions. Organizers should check with the jurisdiction directly regarding requirements for activities held in those properties;
    • activity involves only sitting or standing of attendees on the ground; no chairs, tables, tents, canopies, platforms, or stages allowed; no set up of any kind is allowed;
    • attendees may voice their speech or concerns vocally without the use of any equipment; no whistles, blow horns, microphones, speakers, or amplifiers allowed;
    • attendees may hold signs or other materials on hand to express their speech, but no such signs, banners, or materials can be placed on the property, or obstruct the access to, access thru, or use of the property;
    • attendees may not prevent other individuals from access to the property, or access thru the property to enter other private property; if activity takes place on a sidewalk, attendees must quickly clear the path for any pedestrians coming thru;
    • activity adheres to all other City of Fremont Municipal Code, such as, but not limited to, those pertaining to noise level.

What types of Special Event Permits are there?

  Classes of permits:

  • Class I - Neighborhood Block Party
  • Class I (2 consecutive days or less, fewer than 500 people, no City services)
  • Class II (2 consecutive days or less, fewer than 500 people, vehicle-based gatherings, City services needed/required)
  • Class III (2 consecutive days or less, 500 people or more, no City services)
  • Class IV (2 consecutive days or less, 500 people or more, City services needed/required)
  • Class V (2 non-consecutive days or more and/or more than 1 time in a calendar year; series)
  • For events in a City Park or Community Center please click HERE 

When is the Special Event Permit application due?

  • All new events, regardless of the impact, should be submitted 6 months prior to the event date.
  • Established events that require at least one of the following: 1) road or sidewalk closure(s); 2) anticipated attendance of 500 people or more; or 3) is a recurring event  (Class III, IV, or V), must submit a completed permit application no later than 90 calendar days before the event date. Examples of these events may include: Parades, street festivals/fairs, food truck events, farmers’ markets, etc.
  • Established events that anticipate attendance of fewer than 500 people (Class I or II), must submit a completed permit application no later than 30 calendar days before the event date. Examples may include: Little League™ parades, block parties, small holiday tree lighting, etc.
  • Late fees are $5-$10/business day.
  • Please see Due Date Chart in order to avoid late fees. 
  • If you are applying to the Special Event Sponsorship Program (SESP), your special event permit application is due at the same time of your SESP application submission. Refer to the SESP page for more information.

What happens after my Special Event Permit application is approved?

Once your application has been approved and you have complied with City requirements and conditions, you are permitted to have your event. It’s advised that you do not advertise your event until you have met with the City’s Special Event Committee and/or have tentative approval for your event. Please keep a copy of the permit with you at all times during the event. 

Failure to apply for a Special Event Permit (12.25.120) is a misdemeanor and may be subject to citations.

What if I want to apply for a permit, have questions, or need more information?

If you want to apply for a Special Event Permit, have questions, or need more information, please complete the City's Special Event Permit online form. A staff member from the City's permitting team will get back to you shortly.



This permit information can change at any time.