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Planning Permit Information

For Planning Permit information, please do the following:

How to Apply for a Planning Permit Online

  • To apply for your permit online, you need to use the City's online permitting portal, Citizen Access. You must be a registered user, even if you visit the City's Development Services Center to apply in person (see section below titled "In-Person Applications").
  • Create a Citizen Access account at help or questions, view the Citizen Access User Guide, view FAQs, or contact City staff by email
  • Log in to your account.
  • Select “Apply for a Permit" and "Planning." For help determining what permit/record type to select based on your project, visit, call the Zoning Information Line at (510) 494-4455, or send an email
  • Complete the online form. Use the directions to understand what is required for each section. If any steps or required information are missing, error messages will pop up at the top of the screen to inform you of what needs to fixed.
  • Upload the required plans/documents. Each permit/record type requires different documentation to be submitted. Make sure to read the Project Summary page of the record for the required documents. You can also view the sections below titled "Planning Permit Application Documents," "Submittal Requirement Checklists," and "Other Submittal Requirements."
  • Continue the form to the payment screens. Online payments are currently limited to $5,000. If your project requires a larger initial payment than this, you will be emailed an invoice and provided directions on where to mail or drop off the payment. If your payment is less than $5,000 and you would like to pay online, make the payment. Only Mastercard and Visa are accepted. If you would like to make the payment in person, you can do so at the Cashier counter at the Development Services Center when it is open to the public. Depending on the type of record, there may be more than one-time fees.
  • Once a payment is made, an on-screen confirmation will verify that the submittal was successful. A receipt will be issued by email.
  • After your permit request is successfully submitted, you will see the new record number in your Citizen Access account under “My Records.” The new request will be reviewed by staff to determine if enough information has been provided/uploaded to route it for review. If necessary information is missing to enable routing of the request for plan review, you will be contacted via email with a list of information that is necessary in order to initiate the review.

Concurrent Review

The City also offers Concurrent Review, which is the processing of both the design review request (a Planning record) with the Building Permit request (a Building record) for certain projects that fit within the Limited Design Review category. These Limited Design Review projects include new accessory dwelling units (ADUs), single-story single-family home additions, and commercial/industrial site improvements. To request a Concurrent Review in Citizen Access, applicants should select “Apply for Permit” and then “Building.”

To find out if your specific project is eligible for concurrent review, contact Planning by email or by calling 510-494-4455.

Online Documents

Planning Permit Application Documents

Online Applications:
Applicants applying online through Citizen Access no longer need to complete the Universal Planning Application or its supplemental checklists. Instead, applicants must complete an online application through Citizen Access. As part of that online application, applicants must complete and upload the following two forms:

  • Owner Authorization Form – Must be signed by the Property Owner
  • Reimbursement Agreement – Must be signed by the Billing Party
  • Sometimes Required: Property Owner Verification – In Citizen Access, the Property Owner information will auto-populate based on the address or parcel number provided. It is not editable with the application. If the owner information is incorrect and/or has recently changed, click NO in the next section “Verify Owner Information.” You must upload verification of the correct ownership (i.e. a property deed) later in the application process.

These documents must be wet-signed or signed with a verified electronic signature by the appropriate party and uploaded to the application in Citizen Access when prompted.

In-Person Applications:
Applicants applying for a permit in person at the City's Development Services Center must 1) create a Citizen access account at and 2) complete the Universal Planning Application. The application must be wet-signed or signed with a verified electronic signature by the appropriate parties. The completed application should be scanned and saved onto a USB drive in PDF format, along with all other application documents.

Universal Planning Application Opens in new window

Submittal Requirement Checklists
Please refer to the documents below for a complete list of submittal requirements for different types of Planning applications:

Other Submittal Requirements
Please refer to the documents below for other items that may be required to complete your Planning application:

Please refer to the City's Planning Application Deposit and Fee Schedule for a list of fees associated with Planning applications.

If you have any questions about the Planning permit application process, please call the Zoning Information Line at 510-494-4455 or contact Planning staff by email.