Addressing Guidelines

Unique Addresses
The purpose of unique addresses is to assist emergency service agencies, public and private agencies or businesses, the U.S. Postal Service, and the general public in locating a specific dwelling, building, business, or property.

The request for new addresses may be submitted in conjunction with the building permit or final map application. The requirements described on this page are subject to change.

Street address numbers are typically assigned to buildings or units that have direct access to the street. The actual numbers are based on the property's location within the City and front door orientation. Identification within a development may also influence addressing.

Units which are accessed from an interior hallway will be assigned suite / unit numbers. These numbers are based on the suite's or unit's location within the building. Typically individual street addresses and suite numbers are not mixed together in the same building. All addresses are assigned by the City.

Property Owner Responsibility
The property owner is responsible for displaying the new address in accordance with the Building Regulations and Fire Code. Other responsibilities include informing all tenants or occupants of the property, individual agency, and/or business of the new address.

Existing Addresses
Existing addresses which are to be retained as part of this proposal will need to be verified for legitimacy. If we find that the existing address can't be verified, a new one may be assigned. If existing addresses are found out of sequential order, the property owner may be required to rectify the matter or be charged for the documentation of the address conditions. To clarify the property's addressing for public safety, a schematic or site plan may be required to be posted.

As part of this review process, we will research the building permit for the site or property. This will be used to determine the legitimacy of the address. If we do not find proper permits, the address will not be verified, and the address will be submitted to the Community Preservation Division for code enforcement.

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