What Do I Do Once I Get This Permit?

At certain phases of the project, inspection of the work is required to make sure the construction is in compliance with the appropriate code. Call the Building Inspection automated line at 510-494-4885 to schedule an inspection.

Typical inspections required are:
  • Rough Frame - 3-digit inspection code - 133
  • Rough Mechanical - 3-digit inspection code - 403
  • Rough Electrical - 3-digit inspection code - 204
  • Rough Plumbing - 3-digit inspection code - 305
  • Drywall (cement board for bathroom) - 3-digit inspection code - 141
  • Final Inspection - 3-digit inspection code - 199
Re-inspection fees may be required if the work is not completed within the allocated number of inspections, resulting in additional time spent to complete the inspection process. Inspections are conducted during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.