Terms and Conditions

Film Permit Terms and Conditions

The Fremont Police Department may condition the issuance of a film permit by imposing reasonable requirements concerning the time, place, manner and duration of filming activities as referenced on the terms and conditions attached to the Film Permit, including but not limited to, the following:
  • Requirements for the presence of employees of the City at the applicant's expense, when required for the particular filming activity
  • Requirements concerning posting of no parking signs, placement of traffic control devices, and employment of traffic and crowd control monitors at the applicant's expense
  • Requirements concerning posting of the outer boundaries of the filming activity, and providing advance notice to affected property owners/businesses which shall include the name and telephone number of the representative of the applicant who can then respond to complaints and inquiries
  • Requirements concerning the cleanup and restoration of public streets and City property employed in the filming activity including the posting of cash bonds when necessary
  • Restrictions concerning the use of City employee services, vehicles, and other equipment in the filming activity
  • Requirements that the applicant pay all fees, and obtain all permits and licenses required for the filming activity under local, state, and federal law
  • Restrictions on the use of firearms, explosions, and other noise-creating or hazardous devices which disturbs the peace
  • Restrictions on the use of stunts involving pyrotechnics, open flame, vehicle crashes or other hazardous materials
  • Requirements concerning cover-up of police, fire, and other official uniforms worn by actors, when the actors are not on camera
  • Restrictions concerning the use of City logos, insignias, badges, or decals for filming purposes
  • Restrictions on the daily hours the filming activity may be conducted within the City
  • Requirements concerning the City's receipt of proper acknowledgement for any assistance provided in making feature, television, or commercial productions
  • Requirements concerning affirmative action and non-discriminatory practices for employment