How Much Does This Permit Cost?

Permit Fees
A single-load permit (one trip) fee is $16. If the transporter is making two or more trips with the same vehicle to the same location, the moves can be put on the same permit but the permit fee needs to reflect this, (for example: two trips, permit fee is $32). The permit must be filled out with all the required information and a complete route. Permits are good for six days from the date of issue.

The annual permit fee is $90. This permit will always begin with the letter A followed by the number. A copy of the State Permit is required to go along with our permit. The annual permit is issued, except for the dates, exactly like the state permit. The permit is good for one year (example: 1/20/2006 – 1/19/2007). If the company already has a permit for the same vehicle on file and it is getting ready to expire, the issue date will be from the date the previous permit will expire and give one year from that date. A copy of a truck route is always given when an annual permit is issued.