Special Event Permit Application Fees (fees for parks events vary)

*Effective February 14, 2013, the following application fees will apply:
Permit Type
Class I - Neighborhood Block Party $20
Class I (2 consecutive days or less, fewer than 500 people, no City services) $50
Class II (2 consecutive days or less, fewer than 500 people, City services required) $75
Class III (2 consecutive days or less, 500 people or more, no City services) $150
Class IV (2 consecutive days or less, 500 people or more, City services required) $200
Class V (2 non-consecutive days or more and/or more than 1 time in a calendar year; series) $200
*Additional fees will be determined upon review of the application.

Fees for City Services

The City strives to keep fees as low as possible by charging only for the cost of processing the application and services provided the day of the event. In addition to City services on the day of the event, other fees such as a building permit fee will apply for tents, stages, etc. Depending on the type of event, respective fees may vary. All costs of providing City services associated with a special event will require a deposit if the cost of City services exceeds $5,000. Refer to the City's master fee schedule for details.

 If you would like to inquire about the requirement and/or use of City services for your event, please complete the City's Special Event Permit online form. A staff member from the City's permitting team will get back to you shortly.

Late Fees

(*Effective February 14, 2013) Please see due date chart in order to avoid late fees.
Permit Type Late Application Fee per business day
Neighborhood Block Party (Class I) None
Class I & II $5/business day
Class III, IV, and V $10/business day