General Resources

Site Plan

All Special Event Applications are required to include a site plan for each event. The site plan must include the locations of vendor booths, emergency access lanes, tents and other structures, and street barricade placement, as well as other information as noted in the application.

Stages and Tents

The City has implemented an online submittal process using the City's Citizen Access portal. The online submittal process must be used for all tents and stages permit.

Tents: All tents bigger than 10'10 require a tent permit.

Effective January 2019, all stages, including temporary stages at special events, will require a building permit from the City.  This is a change in the California State Building codes due to accessibility requirements.  Moving forward, all stages, regardless of height and size, would require a separate building permit from the City of Fremont. 

Exemption to the City of Fremont stage/building permit would be if the stage is located in a separate jurisdiction, specifically in the following areas where you would need to work with that jurisdiction directly:

  • Ohlone College
  • Schools and Property of Fremont Unified School District
  • Alameda County Buildings

Reference documents:

Environmental Services Resources

Special events serving more than 2,000 people per day are required to recycle according to State law (AB 2176). ANY event taking place on public property is required to recycle.