Harvey Levine

Management Team
Title: City Attorney
City Attorney

Harvey Levine, City AttorneyAs City Attorney, Harvey manages the City Attorney's Office, which provides legal advice to the City Council and City staff, drafts ordinances and resolutions, negotiates contracts, and litigates on behalf of the City. The City Attorney's Office also includes Risk Management, which works on claims against the City.

After graduating from UCLA, teaching school, and studying Public Administration at Cal State Hayward for a year, Harvey attended Hastings College of the Law and earned his J.D. He was Assistant City Attorney in San Jose and City Attorney in Pleasanton, and also spent 10 years in private practice. Harvey was appointed by the Fremont City Council to the position of City Attorney in 1995.

Harvey enjoys giving quality legal and administrative advice that allows the City Council and staff to make the best possible decisions. 

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