Is there anything I can do to make this project a success?
Yes, there are actually a few things you can do:

1. Given the uncertainties that arise during street construction, we ask for your understanding when the scheduling of the work must be revised. We recognize that the lack of parking and the traffic delays are an inconvenience and we will work to minimize their impact to the extent we can.
2. Towing someone's car is not something we enjoy doing. In order to perform the street work, we request that you park off the street or in some other convenient area during the days when work is scheduled as indicated by the posted signs.
3. While we try our best to keep everyone informed, we may not always be able to reach everyone. We appreciate your efforts to keep your neighbors and visiting guests informed of the work that will take place and especially of the parking restrictions.

Your cooperation is integral to the success of this project. We thank you in advance!

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6. Is there anything I can do to make this project a success?
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