Are there plans to provide public electric vehicle charging stations in Fremont?
The Bay Area currently has nearly 40% of the plug-in electric vehicles in California at around 25,000 vehicles. With nearly 1,600 of those vehicles owned by Fremont residents, Fremont is responsible for 30% of all of the electric vehicles in Alameda County. In fact, Fremont’s 94539 zip code has been issued more EV rebates than any other single zip code in California! Supporting electric vehicle infrastructure is one key way that Fremont is facilitating the adoption of cleaner methods of transportation, helping to achieve the stringent community-wide greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal of 25% by the year 2020.

By the end of 2014, there are plans to double the number of electric vehicle charging stations that are open to the public in Fremont. Under a funding opportunity from the California Energy Commission (CEC), the City will receive a total of eight publically accessible, dual-port Level 2 electric vehicle chargers. Six of these chargers will be installed at angled parking spaces along three separate blocks of Capitol Avenue as part of the Capitol Avenue Extension project in Downtown Fremont. Another charger will be placed at the City’s Development Services Center, whose Permitting Department attracts many daily visitors. The last charger will be placed at the Boathouse in Fremont’s Central Park, which is the most heavily used park in the community. Under the same funding opportunity, the Fremont Chamber of Commerce plans to fund the installation of six dual-port Level 2 and two dual-port DC fast chargers at Fremont’s Bayside Business Park along the I-880 corridor.

Fremont also encourages retailers to consider the installation of public stations at their places of business, such as those already found at Whole Foods on Mowry and the Target at Pacific Commons.

As a current or future EV owner, you can find out where all existing publicly accessible EV charging stations are located across the nation through the Department of Energy's Alternative Fuels Data Center (see link below).
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Locations

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