What is “landlord retaliation?”

The California Department of Consumer Affairs defines retaliatory eviction or action as an act by a landlord such as raising a tenant’s rent, seeking to evict a tenant, or otherwise punishing a tenant because they have asserted their legal tenant rights. If you believe your landlord is retaliating, consult with an attorney. Bay Area Legal Aid offers an advice line and additional resources. Their advice line is (800) 551-5554. For additional legal resources, visit www.baylegal.org.  

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1. Does the Ordinance prevent a landlord from raising a tenant’s rental amount?
2. Are landlords required to file copies of the rent increase notices with the City?
3. What types of units does the Ordinance apply to?
4. How does a tenant request rent review?
5. Is participation mandatory?
6. Can I have a representative participate in consultation/mediation on my behalf?
7. What is “landlord retaliation?”