Is a permit required to build a fence? If so, what inspections are required?
Fences that are seven feet or less in height does not require a permit. Fences over seven feet high require permits.

According to the local Zoning Ordinance, fences located within residential districts may be permitted if they meet the minimum setbacks. For example, on corner lots, fences are restricted to thirty-inches nearest the radius of the street corner. To verify fence height requirements on your property, contact a Planning Department staff member at (510) 494-4455 or email them. Once the height requirements have been established and a permit is determined necessary, contact a Development Assistant at (510) 494-4460 for plan requirements. There is a sample plan of the fence requirements within the DSC. A copy can be faxed at your request.

Inspections for new fences generally take place in two stages. The first stage of inspection is conducted after all the postholes are drilled and cleaned. The second stage, the final inspection, is conducted after the entire fence is completed. The owner or the contractor must request the inspections through our automated inspection request system; instructions for inspection requests will be discussed at the time of permit issuance.

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