How can I legalize an addition that was never permitted?
In order to legalize an addition or any other work that was done without a permit a Building Permit must first be obtained. In order to obtain a building permit plans must be submitted to the Development Services Center and approved by plan check staff as well as any other department that may be involved.

Depending on the size of the addition or scope of work the plans may be approved over the counter. For additions 750 square feet of less and meet conventional construction criteria you may be able to schedule an appointment for an over the counter review.

Once the permit is issued all the required inspections and approvals are to be done. For additions this may require opening or removal of concealed construction, the removal of some or all interior finishes and insulation and special inspection testing of epoxy anchors or hold-downs.

Please keep in mind that not all illegal additions can be approved.

For specific building and planning information, please contact the Development Services Center at 510-494-4460.

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