What are the staff qualifications?

Program staff are City of Fremont recreation staff members,
not teachers. Please note that staff members are not replacing the role of
teachers but will help students complete their homework and school assignments.
Staff will also lead recreation enrichment activities during non-school hours.
Most recreation staff are high school and college students. A full-time
supervisor will be assigned to each facility to oversee all pods. 12:1 with a
staff mix of part-time and full-time staff.

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1. What is “School Pods”?
2. What grades will the program serve?
3. Where will the program be located?
4. What are the program hours?
5. What are “Pods”?
6. Is this program associated with Fremont Unified School District?
7. What are the staff qualifications?
8. What type of enrichment activities will be offered?
9. What are some examples of snacks/lunch that will be served at program?
10. Can my child bring their own snacks/lunch?
11. What does my child need to bring daily?
12. What are the steps being taken to keep my child safe during COVID-19?
13. Is my child required to wear a facemask while in the program?
14. What is the check-in/out procedure?
15. How do I register for “School Pods”?
16. What is the refund policy?
17. Are payment plans available?