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  1. 50-50 Sidewalk Program Reimbursement

    The 50-50 Sidewalk Repair Program provides reimbursement of up to 50% of the cost of sidewalk removal and replacement, up to a maximum... More…

  2. Sidewalk Repair Request

    Submit this form if you are interested in repairing the sidewalk next to your property and applying for the 50-50 Sidewalk Program. We... More…

  1. Interest List, Concrete Repair Program

    Request that your name be added to the interest list for the City's Concrete Repair Program. The City has a limited amount of funding... More…

Landscape Architecture


    Helps Fremont property owners pay for some of the costs of street tree removal and replacement. Up to $750 per tree and up to two trees... More…

  2. PROPERTY OWNER: Online Tree Permit Application

    Free permit application to remove, prune or plant a tree.


    Free permit application to remove, prune or plant a tree.


  1. Report Traffic Signal Manfunction

    Help us fix traffic signals that aren't working properly by reporting them.

  1. Sidewalks, Request for Minor Repair

    Submit a request to the Maintenance Department to repair minor damage to the sidewalk at no cost. Subject to staff availability.

Permit - Film

  1. Online Film Permit

    Use this form to submit a Film Permit for the City of Fremont, California

Recreation Services

  1. Request a Refund or Transfer
  1. Request for an ASL Interpreter

    Please fill this form out to request an ASL interpreter with the City of Fremont Recreation Services Division.