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Donation Forms

  1. City of Fremont COVID-19 Donations

    The City of Fremont is so thankful for the generous offers of support we are receiving from community members during these... More…

  2. Giving Hope

    Your contribution to the City of Fremont Human Services Department’s Giving Hope program provides the support your neighbors need... More…

  3. PUN Fund

    The Personal Urgent Needs (PUN) Fund provides seniors in need with cash grants for urgent needs such as minor home repairs and medical... More…

  1. FRC Donation
  2. Human Services Donation


  1. 50-50 Sidewalk Program Reimbursement

    The 50-50 Sidewalk Repair Program provides reimbursement of up to 50% of the cost of sidewalk removal and replacement, up to a maximum... More…

  2. Sidewalk Repair Request

    Submit this form if you are interested in repairing the sidewalk next to your property and applying for the 50-50 Sidewalk Program. We... More…

  1. Interest List, Concrete Repair Program

    Request that your name be added to the interest list for the City's Concrete Repair Program. The City has a limited amount of funding... More…

  2. Street Repair Request

    Submit this form if you notice a street that needs repair. Potholes should be reported at:

Environmental Services

  1. Free Clearstream Frame Request Form
  2. Recycling Program Help

    Businesses can get help setting up or improving your recycling and composting programs.

  3. Stivers Lagoon/Nature Learning Center Field Trip Request Group

    Request multiple dates for your 2nd or 3rd graders to visit and learn about wetlands, watersheds, ecology, and the effects of water... More…

  4. Stormwater Control Plan Survey

    This form is to determine which submittal documents must be provided to the City for your Planning, Building, or Subdivision... More…

  1. Park Use/Application Permit

    A form for teachers to fill out to confirm their clean water field trip to Stivers Lagoon and the Nature Learning Center.

  2. Request a Kitchen Compost Bin

    Get a bin to collect your food scraps. Put food scraps, food-soiled paper and plant trimmings in the green bin.

  3. Stivers Lagoon/Nature Learning Center Field Trip Request Individual

    Request dates for your 2nd or 3rd graders to visit and learn about wetlands, watersheds, ecology, and the effects of water pollution on... More…

FFD Forms

  1. Covid-19 Screening- Fire Dept visitors

    Please complete the COVID-19 screening form before visiting/entering Fremont Fire Department for conducting your business on our... More…

Landscape Architecture


    Helps Fremont property owners pay for some of the costs of pruning, removal and replacement of street trees. Up to $750 per tree and up... More…

  2. Approved Tree Contractor Certification Document Upload

    Upload your documents to be eligible for the training. Questions or concerns? Please contact

  3. PROPERTY OWNER: Online Tree Permit Application

    Free permit application to remove and replace, prune or plant a tree in Fremont.


    Free permit application to remove, prune or plant a tree.

  2. Approved Tree Contractor Certification Training Interest

    If you are interested in enrolling in the training to become an Approved Tree Contractor for the City of Fremont fill out this form.


  1. Sidewalks, Request for Minor Repair

    Submit a request to the Maintenance Department to repair minor damage to the sidewalk at no cost. Subject to staff availability.

Parenting During COVID

  1. Parenting During COVID - Participation Information

    Caregivers are to complete participation form in order to reserve their spot and participate on the virtual parenting support group.

Permit - Film

  1. Online Film Permit

    Use this form to submit a Film Permit for the City of Fremont, California

Recognition Requests

  1. Recognition Request

    Request for ceremonial recognition from the City of Fremont