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Park Use/Application Permit

  1. City of Fremont Logo
  2. Environmental Services
    39550 Liberty St. Fremont, CA 94538
  3. Use Application/Permit
  4. Site: Nature Learning Center

    Event: Clean Water Field Trip
  5. Changes/Liability/Responsibility
    Any change, alteration or modification of above stated use must be approved in advance by Central Park Visitor Center staff. Change or omission, may result in cancellation of use or a change of the use area and/or fees. Any misrepresentation of your use/group, or failure to comply with Use Guidelines may result in expulsion from the park or facility of use and/or forfeiture of all fee(s) and deposit(s). It is expressly understood and agreed that applicant/organization shall save, keep and hold harmless the City of Fremont, its officers, agents, employees and volunteers from all damages, costs or expenses that may at any time arise because of damages to property or personal injury using or occupying the facility. I and/or my organization further expressly certify that I and/or my organization will be responsible for any damage or loss sustained to the grounds, building, furnishings or equipment; or unusual clean-up required, as a result of my and/or my organization’s occupancy of the facility.
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