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  1. Report a Pothole

    Help the City keep our streets safe and in good condition. Report a pothole.

  2. Report Graffiti

    Report graffiti online or call the Graffiti Hotline 510-494-4897. Thank you for your help in caring about the appearance of our City.

  3. Report Traffic Signal Malfunction

    Help us fix traffic signals that aren't working properly by reporting them.

  1. Report a Tree Down

    Help us clear roads and sidewalks of trees. Report downed trees.

  2. Report Illegal Dumping

    Thank you for helping us keep our City clean by reporting illegal dumping. If dumping is on private property, the property owner is... More…

  3. Sidewalks, Request for Minor Repair

    Submit a request to the Maintenance Department to repair minor damage to the sidewalk at no cost. Subject to staff availability.