Housing Navigation Center

Annual Report Now Available 

In partnership with Bay Area Community Services, we are excited to share that in the first year of its operations, the Fremont Housing Navigation Center provided for 66 unhoused individuals from Fremont, Union City, and Newark. Upon exiting the program, 66% found housing and 46% obtained employment. To learn more about what the Center accomplished in its first year and future plans, click on the link below.

Fremont Housing Navigation Center Year One Report

The Housing Navigation Center

As part of the City of Fremont’s strategic approach to addressing the growing homeless crisis, in September 2020, the City opened a Housing Navigation Center (HNC). Located adjacent to City Hall buildings, the HNC is an innovative approach to help those experiencing homelessness find housing while providing a clean, safe, and calm environment so participants can focus on finding stable, permanent housing. 

The Housing Navigation Center is just one initiative underway in Fremont aimed to alleviate homelessness in Fremont, by helping participants find stable, permanent housing by providing a clean, safe, calm, and flexible environment while doing so.

Virtual Open House/Grand Opening Event

The Housing Navigation Center Virtual Open House/Grand Opening Event video launched on August 31, 2020 to celebrate the completion of construction. The video includes a tour of the HNC and is available to watch any time. Simply click on the video above and enjoy. 

More information about this pivotal move in addressing the City's homelessness crisis:  
• Press release: Fremont Announces Opening of Housing Navigation Center for Homeless Individuals
Housing Navigation Center Media Kit

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If you have questions about the Fremont Housing Navigation Center, please call 510-984-8791.