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1. How can I get a copy of my receipt?
2. What is your Federal Tax ID number?
3. Do you offer sibling discounts?
4. I never received a confirmation email, how do I know if my child is registered?
5. The class already started, how can I register?
6. Do you offer make-up options or refunds for missed classes?
7. What documents do I need for the first day of class?
8. How does the wait list work?
9. What is the process for transferring?
10. What happens if I miss Priority Registration?
11. Is Priority Registration available online?
12. Are there any age exceptions?
13. In Enrichment and Pre-K Literacy, are children separated by age?
14. What is the difference between Pre-K and Pre-K Literacy?
15. Do you require proof of age, vaccinations/immunizations and TB test? Do adults need to be TB tested for Parent Child classes?
16. How can I visit or observe the classroom before registering my child for a class?
17. What education do Tiny Tot Teachers have?
18. Do parents have to participate or help in the classroom?
19. Does my child have to be completely potty-trained?
20. What is the ratio of students to teachers?