Green Business Assistance Programs

Sustainability is good for business. By implementing green and climate-friendly practices, businesses in Fremont save money, improve employee wellness and productivity, increase operational efficiency, build their brand, and take a leadership role as environmental stewards. According to a California Green Business Network survey, 42% of businesses in the program reported an increase in customers after receiving their recognition.

There are many ways to get started: choose to buy green electricity from the grid, upgrade your business or facility with better energy efficiency, storage, or local renewable energy, fuel switch to electric appliances and zero emissions fleet vehicles, buy sustainable materials, adopt waste and water reduction measures, and sequester carbon through green landscaping and composting.

Find out more at CalRecycle’s Green Your Business page, California Green Business Network’s Resources page, and feel free to reach out the sustainability team with questions and ideas.

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California Green Business Network

The California Green Business Network distinguishes and certifies small to medium sized businesses that protect, preserve, and sustain our environment. The program is led by a coalition of cities and counties striving to make our communities healthier and more livable, while also conserving resources and saving money.

Becoming a Certified Green Businesses shows that you care about sustainability and are committed to conserving resources and preventing pollution in both your facility and operations. It means that your business complies with environmental regulations in the areas of waste, energy, water, pollution prevention, and air quality.
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Participating businesses receive information on how to conserve energy and water, minimize waste, prevent pollution, and shrink their carbon footprints. Businesses that meet these standards are officially recognized as Certified Green Businesses.

Fremont currently has 12 certified Green Businesses—you can find the full list of them here. Every year, new and re-certified Green Businesses are honored at a City Council meeting. The Council meetings are broadcast on cable channel 27 and available via a live webcast when the meeting is in session. 

If you are ready to enroll your business in the program, visit the Green Business Certification page.